CONGRATULATIONS!  The following students' coloring pages have been selected in the Apple Creek Elementary and Apple Creek Fire Department coloring contest.  Winners will be sharing pizza with our Apple Creek firefighters.  Students' coloring pages will be displayed at area businesses for all to enjoy.  Thank you to our Apple Creek Fire Department for their leadership in fire safety and providing this opportunity for our students!
Kindergarten-Mrs. Adkins:  Scarlett W., Quinn H.
Kindergarten-Mrs. Grass: Bradyn B., Leo Y.
Kindergarten-Mrs. Zacharias (Mrs. Fry): Alyssa Y., Rylan H.
1st Grade-Miss Austin: Kylie S., Kaleb S.
1st Grade-Mrs. Bertsch: Lucas P., Gabby M.
1st Grade-Mrs. Haley: Kaylee Z., Malaina W.
2nd Grade-Mrs. Miglich: Kensey W., Makena C.
2nd Grade-Mrs. Morris: Autumn M., Preston H.
2nd Grade-Mrs. Porter: Jasmine T., Taydum H.
3rd Grade-Mrs. Brindley: Alyssa S., Addison D.
3rd Grade-Mrs.Jolley: Brody S., Reagan B.
3rd Grade-Mrs. Leguillon: Parker R., Gavin S.