The elementary school  spring musical "BUGZ" will be presented Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fisher Auditorium, OARDC (1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster).  A synopsis of the evening:  "There's going to be a picnic and everyone is pitchin' in...the Lady Bugs are in charge of proper etiquette, the Army Ants will handle security, the Fireflies are in charge of lighting, and entertainment will be provided by the Bumble Bees.  Looks like everything is set!  But wait!  The Stinky Bug wants to come, too!"  
Please plan on coming to this most delightful presentation given by our first, second, and third grade students under the direction of Mr. Young, Music Program.  Also you will have the opportunity to enjoy artwork on display from our talented students.  Come, invite your family and friends to enjoy the uplifting evening of fun, music, and dance!