Math, Science, Social Studies with Mrs. Grass

math: connectED     iReady (Clever)          Splash MATH  (class code: HRROGH)

science/social studies:   science spin     let's find out  (class code for both: winrug5)

Language Arts- Wonders with Mrs. Zacharias
Wonder's Weekly Refridgerator Copy (for the whole year)
Wonder's Sight Word Cards (for the whole year)
1. Fundations Weekly Home Support PDF (for the whole year)
2. Fundations Writing paper
Kindergarten Educational Websites

connectED (Reading Wonders & Everyday Math)     RAZkids          Unite for Literacy      
iReady (Clever)          Splash MATH  (class code: HRROGH)         ABCya          Starfall 
PBSkids       Bookflix (username: infohio  password: power)